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Physiotherapists Transform Lives

Physiotherapy can change lives. From daily wellness to life changing results after tragic events, physiotherapists at Rosedale Wellness can make a difference to the lives of their patients.

Humboldt Broncos player Ryan Straschnitzki, who was paralyzed when the bus carrying his hockey team and a semi-truck collided, is drenched in sweat after a workout that more closely resembled military boot camp than physiotherapy. Straschnitzki was paralyzed from the chest down on April 6, when a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team and a semi-trailer collided north of Tisdale, Sask. The crash killed 16 people and injured 13 others (https://globalnews.ca/news/4347778).

Straschnitzki is now able to flex some of his stomach muscles and it’s a good sign. A physiotherapist in Calgary, Alberta says “Our assessment shows he has some voluntary control below his level of injury so he’s able to contract some of the abdominal muscles on command. So it’s voluntary. We’ll work on that six pack,” (globalnews.ca/news/4347778).

Physiotherapists work to beat the odds in Ryan Straschnitzki’s tragic case, and physiotherapists in Rosedale serve to protect, transform, and improve the lives of their patients as well. Physiotherapists seek to solve the unsolvable. They seek to find solutions. They seek to improve the lives of people. Physiotherapists at Yonge and Bloor push to see where the limits are, much like the therapists do for Straschnitzki. Like at Rosedale Wellness and their clients, the physiotherapists in Calgary don’t know what Ryan is capable of, so they continue to discover the potential of their patient.

Physiotherapy in Rosedale works in conjunction with their patients to realize their ultimate potential. It is really a team effort on the road to wellness and healthy life practices. Patients need to work hard and to follow the directions of their physiotherapists in Rosedale in order to improve at a faster pace. Much like the physio says of Ryan Straschnitzki: “We got a routine going now. He’s doing most of it himself anyway. We’re just there in case anything happens” (globalnews.ca/4347778). The bottom line is that we must all advocate for our personal physical health and strive for the best to achieve the most desired results. Ryan Strachnitzki can teach us all some very valuable lessons.