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The Value of Chiropractic Care

With modern technology and social media, we have become a generation of sitters. By decreasing the amount we move each day, we have increased the severity of poor posture and in turn, its negative effects on our health. From sitting at desks to driving instead of walking, to playing video games and staring at your phone, our posture has suffered, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be corrected.

Your Posture is Precious

Chiropractors in Rosedale can help with improving posture. Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting or lying down. When your posture is poor this can increase pressure on your spine and contribute to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue.

People may spend about five to eight hours per day sitting at their work stations, in their cars, commuting on trains, and watching television or playing on their computers. This time sitting and hunching over a desk or on the couch can add pressure to the spine. Yonge and Bloor chiropractors can help make a significant difference to improve your posture, and by extension improve the overall quality of your life.

It does take discipline to correct poor posture, but there’s no doubt the benefits are well worth the effort. There are many things you can do to help improve your posture. It is important to pay attention to the way you sit at home, at work, in restaurants, and the like. Try to keep your shoulders back and avoid hunching or slouching and be sure to sit back in your chair, so that your back in well-supported. Additionally, you should lift objects properly and carefully by bending your knees to avoid the strain on your back, and always carry items close to your body. And remember, use both of your hands and stand up slowly from seated positions or when getting out of bed.

The bottom line to improving your posture is to sit right, stretch after long periods of sitting, and keep active. Chiropractors in Rosedale can assist you with your posture and provide relief from pain and discomfort associated with poor posture. Improving your postural fitness can improve your overall quality of life.

What More Can A Chiropractor Do For You?

Yonge and Bloor chiropractors can also help the nerves in the thoracic spine work properly; the end result is frequently the elimination of stomach problems. Chiropractic treatment increases your energy. It’s able to do this in two ways: by reducing tension in the spine and by freeing the nerves to work more effectively. Rosedale chiropractic is where healthcare professionals that focus on the spine and other joints of the body, and their connection to the nervous system. Chiropractors in Rosedale, Toronto use adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system.

Rosedale chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on primary health care discipline that focuses on treatment and preventative care for disorders related to the nervous system, spine, joints, and myofascial system. Prior to developing an appropriate treatment plan, our Chiropractor will do a full postural and/or functional assessment of your spine, which may or may not require X-rays to help further diagnose the primary cause(s). Chiropractors develop and carry out a comprehensive program of care, recommend therapeutic exercises and other non-invasive therapies, and can provide general lifestyle counselling. In addition to spinal manipulative therapy and/or spinal mobilization, your treatment will also often include postural and functional exercise, and traction to help keep you healthy and strong.

 Chiropractors in Rosedale emphasize the alignment of the spine for good health. They often perform spinal adjustments with their hands or a small tool. Rosedale chiropractic help to improve joint mobility, function, and health. It can help make tight muscles loose and loose muscles tight. Rosedale chiropractors work to decrease the degeneration of the joint and connective tissues, as well as decreasing inflammation. Patients find improved circulation and they recognize how their recovery process is sped up by regular visits to the chiropractor.

Dr. Clifford Hardick, a London, Ontario based chiropractor for more than 50 years says in speeches and interviews that spinal adjustments can release the body’s healing powers and correct all manner of disorders, including attention deficit hyperactive disorder, attention deficit disorder, asthma and lupus (theglobeandmail.com).

And Dr. Keith Thomson, a Kawartha-area chiropractor echoes similar views. “In short, because the body’s innate recuperative powers are affected by and integrated through the nervous system, correcting spinal abnormalities which irritate the nervous system can lead to a number of favourable results in patients suffering from various, seemingly non-spinal health conditions” (theglobeandmail.com).

The Bottom Line is…

Chiropractors in Rosedale help patients achieve better health, and ultimately, improve quality of life.


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