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Rosedale Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists at Rosedale Wellness Centre work in partnership with individuals of all ages to break down barriers to optimal physical function. We work with patients at any point of their wellness journey from strengthening, injury prevention to rehabilitation. Our treatments address a wide range of conditions such as: injuries, pre and post surgery needs, age-related conditions, management of chronic disease and industrial or motor vehicle accidents. Physiotherapists also play an important role in health promotion and disease prevention. We also offer pelvic floor rehabilitation for women with pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, and low grade prolapse.

Rosedale Physiotherapy collaborate with our team of Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapists to assist individuals at any point on the broad spectrum of health and wellness. Whether you’re active or injured, our approach to treatments fall into three main categories: Prevention, Immediate Care, and Rehabilitation.

Prevention at Rosedale Physiotherapy focuses on helping active people to avoid or minimize potential injuries. Immediate care at Rosedale Physiotherapy includes injury assessment, first aid and transition into the health care system. And Rehabilitation at Rosedale Physiotherapy focuses on training active individuals to re-establish their pre-injury lifestyle through physical reconditioning, hands-on therapy and other rehabilitative techniques.

Physiotherapists play an important and often vital role in our recovery and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Before you decide to get active, a physiotherapist will allow you to help prevent injuries from happening and the associated downtime in your life. Whether it’s managing an existing condition, recovering from an injury, or helping you prevent them in the first place, Rosedale Physiotherapy can make a difference.








Update: We are fully open please call 416-975-0499 to book an appointment!

We will be open Monday to Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Please click here for details on how we are protecting patients. 

If you don’t feel comfortable coming into the clinic at this time we are offering virtual treatments. Please email virtual@rosedalewellness.com to get a complimentary consultation.