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Physiotherapy Improves Our Health

Physiotherapy can change the quality of a person’s life. Our physical health is so integrated in our spiritual, and emotional health. The human body has an amazing capacity to heal. Physiotherapists facilitate this capacity to help people reach their physical goals. Helping people in need is a priority for physiotherapy in Rosedale.

Physiotherapists spend their lives helping others. Rosedale physio is a labour of love. Healing others brings joy to physiotherapists knowing that they have made a difference. Here are some testimonials by some physiotherapists in BC:

At the age of 14, I attended my first physiotherapy appointment. I was (and still am) a competitive runner and finally sustained my first serious injury which left me limping. I attended a clinic and saw the diverse population the physiotherapist was helping, all the neat exercise equipment they utilized and how they interacted with people. I respected the intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology they had to help people feel better. I thought to myself, “This is awesome! I want to be a physiotherapist!” With determination and hard work, I made my dream happen (bcphysio.org).

My interest in being a physiotherapist began when I volunteered to accompany the Manitoba Wheelchair sports team travelling to the National games in Newfoundland in 1978. That exposure to extraordinary athletes and to the amazing physiotherapists who partnered with them have inspired my career. I am really grateful for that inspiration and to the many  partnerships I have had with individuals working through challenges to meet their personal  goals to be meaningfully mobile (bcphysio.org).

I was originally working in the fitness industry prior to becoming a physiotherapist. It was my time working as an instructor at a cardiac rehabilitation program that made me realize the importance of movement and the profound ability of our bodies to heal. It was amazing to see clients who were previously severely ill recover step by step. I was amazed at the complexities of the many systems that allow us to function in our daily lives; functions which we often take for granted (bcphysio.org).

I have always loved the learning and teaching dynamic, in a classroom setting as well as in individual interactions. My passion for health, the human body, and my understanding of the balance we all need in life to function properly means that physiotherapy is the perfect profession for me! I learn as much from my patients as I hope they learn from me. It is a joy to facilitate the body’s inherent ability to heal, to empower people and to educate them on how their amazing body moves best and how to prevent injury (bcphysio.org).

Rosedale physio changes lives. People seek help most often when they are in pain or discomfort, and soon realize that physiotherapy in Rosedale is not just about relieving pain, but rather about sustained health and wellness for a life time.


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