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Physiotherapy and Self-Concept

Chronic pain can influence a person’s self-concept. Physiotherapists at Rosedale Wellness help patients both physically and emotionally on the road to personal wellness.

Physiotherapy in Rosedale focuses on both the mind and body. The belief is that if we are helping a patient do exercise, we are also having an influence on that person’s beliefs about exercise and their capabilities. This in turn is going to influence their self-concept.

Persistent pain can equal to a loss of sense of self. Patients can often lose confidence in what matters in their lives; they can feel  isolated by their pain and generally not feel like themselves any more. Pain can undermine participation in social activities, their ability to carry out daily activities, a bleaker look at the future, leading to the lack of a sense of self.

Physiotherapists in Rosedale are about doing, being and becoming. Physiotherapy in Rosedale helps to influence a person’s self-concept. By working on a patient’s goals, physiotherapists at Yonge and Bloor ultimately influence a patient’s self-concept.

Rosedale physiotherapy plays an integral role in treating chronic pain.  Patients who experience extended periods of chronic pain are typically unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve a state of general fitness. The physiotherapists at Rosedale Wellness Clinic are aware of a patient’s pain and in turn they create a course of treatment, so that there is an end goal to achieve improved health. This is especially helpful for patients who are struggling with chronic pain that is impacting their overall mental health.

The physiotherapists in Rosedale first interact with their patients to achieve a level of trust. Patients are comforted by the belief that physical therapy will yield positive results, that a reduction or lessening of the pain is achievable, and that there will be progress. Chronic pain that has been present for years may take significant time before noticeable improvements are realized. Small successes should be celebrated and built on to achieve a longer-term positive outcome (psychologytoday.com).