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Chiropractors and Your Health

If you’ve decided to visit a chiropractor, you’re likely suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain – and you want relief. You want to know that your health is in good hands, and that the healthcare professional you’ve chosen is qualified, knowledgeable and confident.

Chiropractors at Rosedale Welllness Clinic are highly educated. These chirropractors have undergone a rigorous course of study and training in preparation for their careers in chiropractic care. In Canada, licensed chiropractors have at least seven years of university level education (a minimum three-year university degree, and four to five years of chiropractic college).

In addition to their in-class studies, chiropractic education requires hands-on clinical experience under the direct supervision of highly qualified faculty. This includes an internship. Rosedale chiropractors are trained, skilled professionals who pride themselves in delivering quality health practices to treat their clients. When you visit a chiropractor at Yonge and Bloor in Rosedale, your health is in the hands of a professional with extensive training, practical experience, and specialized knowledge in the spine, muscle and nervous systems.

One of the main therapeutic techniques used by chiropractors in Rosedale is spinal manipulation (most commonly known as an adjustment). However, depending on your health history and specific condition, your chiropractor may opt to include other treatment methods as well. Adjustment and manipulation are the basic tools and approaches used by a chiropractor at Yonge and Bloor in Rosedale. However, chiropractors in Rosedale also create stretching and exercise programs that will ultimately benefit the health of their clients. The client and chiropractor work together to reach ultimate health goals. Strengthening your muscles to improve function makes a significant difference to the care of chiropractic patients. Additionally, Rosedale chiropractors work with individuals to assess their dietary intake and identify areas for change, if necessary, to achieve specific health goals. Rosedale chiropractors may discuss what you typically eat in a day, and make any recommendations for additions or subtractions to help with your condition.

Chiropractors at Rosedale Wellness Clinic always advocate for a patient-centred approach, so it’s important to work with your chiropractor to identify the best treatment for you and your needs. Visiting a chiropractor is about relief, so it’s vital to take an active role in your body’s healing in order to get on the path to recovery.

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