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Chiropractic Care for Babies and Seniors

While it is important to seek treatment due to pain or injury, it is prudent to seek chiropractic treatment to sustain a healthy spine and neck, ultimately resulting in a healthy lifestyle. Once patients experience the value of chiropractic care many choose to continue. Making sure the spine and nervous system are working in harmony for good health is just as important for a newborn baby as it is for a senior citizen.

The birth process can place great stress on the newborn’s delicate spine. This process may result in a malfunction of the spine called a vertebral subluxation, which hinders the body’s effort to maintain organs and systems working in harmony. Correcting vertebral subluxations in the young has been shown to help recovery from a wide range of diseases and disorders. It is rare for adjustment in babies and children to cause back and neck pain (sciencebasedmedicine.org).

Chiropractors in Rosedale Toronto gently adjust newborns, free of popping, cracking or crunching. Travelling the birth canal can be a traumatic experience on a baby and sometimes newborns experience nerve interference or a misaligned cervical spine from the birthing process, and should consult a chiropractor for corrective treatment.

Chiropractors can aid newborns, babies, and toddlers with some common problems that include: ear infections, bed wetting, constipation, sleep problems, asthma, weak immune function, and of course musculoskeletal complaints. In the newborn population, problems such as fussiness, colic, difficulty breastfeeding, torticollis, reflux, and sleep difficulties are common (sciencebasedmedicine.org).

There are many reasons why people seek the expertise from Yonge and Bloor chiropractors. Parents bring their children for preventative reasons, athletes attend for sport related injuries, professionals seek their support for work-related concerns, and senior citizens look to Yonge and Bloor chiro to live a good life in their senior years.

Senior citizens turn to Yonge and Bloor chiropractors for many different reasons, but largely for pain relief. What these seniors soon discover is that they experience increased range of motion, increased balance and coordination, decreased joint degeneration, increased health benefits, a decreased incidence of falling, and ultimately a continued path of independence, outside the needs for a nursing home.

Chiropractic care is so effective because most causes of spinal disorders are related to abnormalities of the spine and the surrounding soft tissue structures. Anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers merely mask the symptoms and have many undesirable side effects. Chiropractic care can help to fight and alleviate pain.

Increasing a senior’s range of motion can have a positive effect in many ways. For some, an increased range of motion means being able to bend down to pick up their grandchildren, while for others, it means they can garden without pain or walk for longer distances in their attempt to stay fit.

With ageing, mild defects impair mechanoreceptors (located in the posterior (back) joints of the cervical spine and are responsible for providing the brain with essential information important for balance and coordination) function and results in a loss of proprioception (sense of body awareness). With decreased proprioception, body positioning in space is impaired and the patient becomes reliant on vision to know the location of a limb (patch.com). With severe loss of proprioception, the patient/senior is unable to get up from a chair or rise after a fall without assistance. Yonge and Bloor chiropractic care can help restore balance and coordination by stimulating the joint receptors (mechanoreceptors) in the cervical spine. This stimulation is thought to restore or normalize joint receptor functioning which leads to improvements in balance and coordination.

Chiropractic care can decrease spinal degeneration and other arthritic changes by normalizing the spinal alignment and reducing spinal stress. And with less pain due to chiropractic adjustments comes feeling good, staying healthy and doing the things that seniors enjoy to do. Essentially, Yonge and Bloor chiropractors increase the quality of life and increase health and well being.

Falling and subsequent injuries are common among seniors. Chiropractors reduce the risk of falls by normalizing the mechanoreceptors of the cervical spine through regular adjustments. Stretching and exercise programs also help to increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination.

There is no need for seniors to suffer and as a result lose their independence and enter nursing homes for added and continued support. Yonge and Bloor chiropractors can make a significant differences to the lives of seniors, so that they can continue to live a full life with decreased pain, greater balance, a better quality of life, and independence.

Regardless of age, be it a newborn or a senior citizen, chiropractors in Rosedale Toronto can make a significant difference in the lives of all patients. Chiropractic care helps patients to live and enjoy healthy lifestyles.

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