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Chiropractic and Posture

Sometimes when we feel a little bit stressed or depressed about something, we tend to slouch with our shoulders rolled forward. This posture generally signifies that our body is in protection mode. Even if we are not experiencing stress, we may still be exhibiting bad posture, which can in fact change our mood in a negative way.

When we were young, we were often told by our parents or family members to sit up straight. As much as that became bothersome, they were right. Good posture has a positive impact on our lives. At Rosedale Wellness Clinic, chiropractors encourage healthy living, and that of course includes good posture. A good posture helps both our mind and body to live a happier life. “Embodied Cognition” is a form of communication between our mind and body, and works both to send signals from the body to the brain, and signals from the brain to the body. In essence, how your body is positioned can directly impact our mood and vice versa (wikipedia.org).

People who sit up straight with good posture have a lot more confidence than those who don’t, and those with good posture certainly look confident. In people who tend to slouch for whatever reason, confidence seems to be low. Sitting up straight and taller increases confidence. This can be paralleled to sitting on a higher chair or in a higher vehicle because we simply can see more, and when we can see above others we tend to feel a bit more confident. Rosedale chiropractors can help patients to gain even more confidence when they help to work on posture as a method to relieve back pain.

People who suffer from a lower self-esteem or lower sense of self often slouch with shoulders rolled inwards as a way of protecting themselves. Even a simple change like sitting upright and with shoulders back can make a significant difference on how they see the world and in turn how others see them. Chiropractors in Rosedale help their patients through adjustments to feel better and more confident about their lives.

When a person is slouched down, they tend to not to be as aware and alert as those who practice good posture. Those who practice good posture tend to be more aware of their surroundings, more alert, and generally more involved in what is going on around them, which leads to a greater sense of belonging. Rosedale Wellness Clinic prides itself on helping people to live healthy lives, both emotionally and physically.

So how can you improve your posture as a measure to living a healthier life? To start, it is important to look up. Looking up slightly helps your body to sit straighter. When you are a work, try to put your computer monitor a bit higher, like on a riser, so that your eyes are focused upwards instead of down, as this will help your posture without you even noticing. At home, try to place mirrors or pictures in higher positions, so that your neck stretches a bit more to see them. Rosedale chiropractors agree that a simple thing like looking upwards can help to improve your posture. And when you’re driving, position your rear view mirror and steering wheel slightly higher so again your focus is more upwards. Your body will naturally adjust to a better posture position.

Making a few simple changes to your posture will help your mood and to feel better about yourself overall.