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Would you like to join the Rosedale Wellness Centre team?

Our Values

Respect and Kindness are the cornerstones of our clinic. The way we treat each other is fundamental to the happiness of all our staff and clinicians. This not only applies within the clinic but also with patients as well. We expect patients to treat all of our staff with respect and kindness.    

Our Vision

We want to empower patients to embrace the 4 pillars of health: move well, eat well, align well and think well.


Deliver exceptional results and services to our patients while learning new techniques, advancing our capabilities, and of course, having an exceptional team environment.

Why work with us? 

  1. Provide mentorship with over 50+ hours 
  2. Provide hands on training from clinicians in different disciplines
  3. We’ve built a great reputation with over 35 years in practice. We’ve even been ranked in the ‘Top 10 Wellness Clinics’ by BlogTO.
  4. Provide complimentary chiropractic and physiotherapy care from your fellow colleagues
  5. Fully multi-displincinary integrated approach to health  
  6. We have fun at work and schedule regular get togethers  
  7. We are a busy clinic with over 200 appointments a day
  8. Competitive compensation packages

Testimonial from Staff

Hana Verprikova – Physiotherapist

I’ve been with Rosedale Wellness for over 10 years and enjoyed working with an amazing group of people. I have the support of the ownership and they continually make efforts to improve. I was especially impressed by how they navigated through the pandemic. I would recommend Rosedale Wellness to any of my fellow physiotherapists.

Saskia Schmideal – Physiotherapist Assistant

I started working at Rosedale just over two years ago as a practitioner and can certainly say that (especially pre-covid times) it was quite overwhelming as the patient load was pretty big and you don’t get much time between appointments if the schedule is busy. The staff was super helpful at the beginning though and management is very easy to talk to. I find that RWC is a great place to work I’ve learned a lot starting as a relatively new grad and I love how there is just so much to learn from everybody. The hardest part of the job I find is time management.

Jessie Turner – ExperienceManager

The team environment at RWC is exceptional. With 40+ practitioners patients are able to get the overall care they require. The clinic is busy but attentive.

Yakub Kurtyolu – Manager of Success

I feel that my voice is heard and management tries their best to support all staff. Everyone has a voice and input in decisions that will affect their day-to-day work.

What are we looking for?

We are accepting applications for the following positions:

  1. Physiotherapist 
  2. Massage Therapist
  3. Chiropractor

If you think you’d be a good addition to our team of dedicated and compassionate therapists, technicians, and aids, don’t hesitate to apply today.
Complete the form and upload your resume. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!