Jan31st 2023

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care You Didn’t Know About

When you think of a chiropractor, you likely think of someone who can help relieve back pain. And this is true. If you have a sore back or neck, a chiropractor can likely help you. However, there are many other benefits that you will want to be aware of as well. Understanding the different benefits

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Jan9th 2023

The 6 Steps to Recovery After a Car Accident

Anyone who has experienced a car accident will tell you that it is scary and that you may not realize you have a car accident injury. Sometimes car accident symptoms don’t appear until the shock wears off, and unless the injuries are apparent, they focus on vehicle damages. Recovering from a car accident may be

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Dec5th 2022

What Causes Pelvic Pain and How Physiotherapy Can Help

Experiencing pain of any kind is unpleasant and quickly leads us to seek relief. However, with chronic, ongoing, or sudden onset of pain, there may be more going on than simply not feeling well or sustaining an injury.  Pelvic pain is a bit trickier to pinpoint because we are unsure whether it stems from a

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