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Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016
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The term pelvic floor is now often heard in connection with women’s health issues but also in the gyms and Pilates studios around Canada. Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor can be assisted with specialized physiotherapy which often provides non-surgical solutions to several gynecological conditions.


What is the pelvic floor?

Layers of muscle stretch like a sling from the pubic bone to the tail bone. These firm muscles support some of the pelvic organs like bladder, bowel and rectum. One layer of the pelvic floor muscles even contributes to the movements of the hip. The pelvic floor muscles together with the deepest spine stabilizing muscles contribute to core stability as well as hip joint stability which are important for maintaining a healthy back and hips. These muscles are normally firm and help to control the flow and the control of urine and feces, prevent the prolapse of uterus, bladder and bowel through the vaginal canal in women and also provide the stability for the hips and lower back.

Many of us, particularly the men, don’t really exert any significant effort to see the doctor when something happens to the body. Many times, we think that we have full control of our physical well-being. Thus, we only feel the need to seek the services of a doctor when something really bad happens to us.

The chiropractor is among the professionals that we continue neglect until we really and badly need them. We only think of going and seeing them when we have serious pains in the back already. However, a simple visit and consultation with a chiropractor can already provide you several benefits. Aside from your physical well-being, you can also greatly improve your emotional well-being.

If you’re not yet convinced, below are seven reasons why you need to go and see a chiropractor.