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Did you know that our muscles, bones, and organs are covered by a net or web-like "suit" full of nerves called FASCIA (FA-SHA)?

  • By releasing your fascia, your body also releases endorphins-so you feel GREAT after a good stretch!
  • Our mobility is determined by how well-hydrated our fascia is--the more you move it, the more supple it becomes
  • Fascia holds 6-10x more sensory nerve receptors than the muscles, making it almost as good as your eyes at detecting where your body is in space!

TRY THIS: Stand on one foot and close your eyes. You might feel wobbly in your foot & lower leg. This is called Proprioception and it is your fascia that surrounds these muscles telling your body where it is in space.

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Physiotherapy is a healthcare service that enhances the quality of life of individuals though alleviating aches and pain and improving movement and function. It is not only for the elderly or those involved in serious accidents. Physiotherapy can also provide relief to the musculoskeletal system from overuse or other negative impact from occupational duties.

Let us have a look at the different conditions which can be treated by physiotherapy:

1. Hip and Knee Problems

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