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Custom orthotics to keep you moving!

At Rosedale Wellness Centre, we offer custom orthotics in Toronto. We understand how important it is to have proper posture and comfortable walking shoes that not only support that, but support you. Regardless of if you have issues with how you walk, stand, or run, our orthotics will keep you going and keep you comfortable no matter which shoes you reach for when you use our custom-made inserts.

While orthotics can help relieve pain in your feet, it may not fully correct underlying issues that have caused it. That’s why Rosedale Wellness Centre is a full-service clinic that not only offers orthotics in Toronto, but also chiropractic care and some of the best physiotherapy in Toronto.

Each of these services can help diagnose and correct underlying issues within the musculoskeletal system or your joints that have ended up affecting your posture and/or ability to walk, stand, or run comfortably.

How do I know if I need orthotics?

Orthotics focus on the foot, but are often used to treat many different types of medical conditions. The best way to tell if you need orthotics is if you have:

  • Foot deformities
  • Poor foot or ankle function
  • Pain in any part of the foot (particularly the heel or ankle) when walking, standing, or running
  • A weak ankle

Orthotics are much more than just gel inserts that you put in your shoe and go on with your day. Our team at Rosedale Wellness Centre offers orthotics in downtown Toronto that are fully customized to your foot.

They will form to the shape of your foot and support the areas of your foot or ankle that need the most protection and padding. A test will be done to determine which areas of your feet need this and your orthotics will be completely formed to your foot, helping with the pain or weakness in your feet.

What can orthotics help with treating?

While you may not notice a correlation between your foot pain and another underlying or chronic medical condition, it may be possible for us to diagnose the need for custom orthotics based on another medical problem you are experiencing. This can often go hand-in-hand with our overall Queen’s Park physiotherapy diagnoses and treatments.

Orthotics may be able to treat the following medical conditions as well.


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis affects the joints and bones in the hands, wrists, and knees, but can also extend to the ankles and feet. Pain or weakening in these areas can call for custom orthotics to help with pain management, and may even correct discomfort.

Back pain

Chiropractic care shows that shifting in the spine can cause a range of other problems and issues that extend far beyond the back. Back pain may even be a result of poor posture and foot issues such as poor arch support or lack of cushioning, and orthotics can help or even fix that!


If you’ve ever experienced bunions on the bottom of your foot, you know how painful it is to walk as they’re often inconveniently placed. A custom pair of orthotics can help arch your foot in a way that allows you to walk, stand, or run with reduced pressure on your big toe or the area where the bunion is.


As diabetes progresses, there can be a tingling sensation or even loss of proper circulation in the feet that can be very uncomfortable and even painful. A pair of orthotics that take this into account can help make it easier to walk and stand, and reduce some of the pain, and reduce undue stress and pressure which can lead to foot ulcers.

Flat feet

This condition occurs when the arches on the bottom of your feet are flattened, leaving no space between your foot and the floor when standing. It’s a common and often painless condition, however it can eventually lead to foot, ankle, and back pain. Orthotics with extra arch support can help support the feet and even promote the formation of an arch to improve foot posture.

Heel spurs

This medical condition occurs when there is stress on your foot ligaments, and causes a bony growth to grow below the back or bottom of the heel bone, resulting in pain. While it cannot be cured, custom orthotics can significantly reduce pain by supporting the foot and reducing inflammation.

High arches

The opposite of flat feet, high arches can stress the muscles in your feet as they are not meant to hold such a position. They can lead to a number of other conditions such as shin splints, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics will not only be able to help prevent these other conditions as a result of high arches, but they can also prevent the feet from rolling excessively in or out, which causes both pain and stress on the ankles and feet.

Plantar fasciitis

A common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of tissue in the foot during movement. It can be caused by many factors and is often diagnosed by heel pain. Orthotics can really help with this condition by supporting the heel and foot better based on your current stance and walking posture.

Get your custom orthotics today!

At Rosedale Wellness Centre, our specialists include podiatrists who can help diagnose and treat pain in your ankle and feet, and help you achieve better support with less pressure on your feet. We understand what it’s like to live with pain, and when it affects your ability to move freely, it can be very debilitating. Often, we can even pair your orthotics with effectives massages in Toronto near you, to fully alleviate pain and discomfort.

When you come to Rosedale Wellness Centre, you’ll be treated like family and given the best treatment plan possible based on your situation, needs, and medical history.
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We look forward to helping you live a pain-free life that no longer hinders your movement. Your custom orthotics will be developed specifically for you and offer the best support possible.