In House X-rays Toronto, ON

In House X-rays

Are you dealing with an unexplained ache or pain that you just can’t put your finger on, no matter how hard you try to zero in on the source? It may be that you need an X-ray that can provide a more in-depth look at the problem.

Our chiropractors use x-rays to determine any additional underlying conditions that may be contributing to your pain, such as functional abnormalities, bony spurs, or arthritis.

Rosedale Wellness Centre is one of the only clinics to offer in-house x-rays in the Toronto area. Our chiropractors are happy to provide x-ray services to our patients in need, so contact our clinic today for an appointment! We’ll help you get to the source of your problem.

Why are X-rays helpful?

Chiropractors use x-rays as a diagnostic imaging tool that can evaluate a patient’s lumbar alignment, vertebral body and disk space size, bone space and alignment, and gross evaluation of soft tissue structures.

If a person is experiencing back pain, an x-ray may be the first step before treatment begins, to figure out exactly what is causing pain.

Our chiropractors can perform x-rays from the chest down to the waist (not for foot or legs). X-rays can detect and diagnose rib fractures, collar bone fractures, hip pain caused by arthritis, pelvic fractures, spinal stiffness, hip dislocation/fractures, and more.

Let us take a closer look

Please book an appointment today with one of our chiropractors in Toronto if you’re in need of an x-ray. We’ll make the process as easy, quick and, and comfortable as possible. You’ll be finished and on your way before you know it, ready to begin treatment. Call us today at 416-975-0499 to set up an appointment.