Our Team

Dr. Marie- Jasmine Parsi, Naturopath


Doctor of Naturopathy from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine; Master of Science from McGill University; Bachelor of Arts and Science from McGill University


General practice with a focus in the following areas:

• Nutritional interventions

• Exercise programming

• Sleep optimization

• Acupuncture and Botanical medicine


5+ years creating individually-tailored treatment plans to address a variety of health concerns. Common conditions treated: digestive symptoms, headaches, high blood pressure & cholesterol, high blood sugar, immune health, menstrual irregularities, sleep difficulties, thyroid conditions, weight management.


Playing soccer, spending time with family, listening to music, cooking, learning new languages, painting, weight training, learning about preventative medicine.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: 

Modern Times, Gilmore Girls/Seinfeld

Favorite Actress/Actor: 

Peter Sellers