Active Rehabilitation

Personal Training

Private personal training sessions at Rosedale Wellness Centre is a form of rehabilitation that has shown to get results. Our trained practitioners collaborate with each patient to set health and wellness goals. Patients can expect to work with any one of our Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists or Kinesiologist whom all have extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal function and rehabilitation. Our personal training sessions are built on the foundation of muscle re-balancing by utilizing Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and/or a variety of tailored workout regiments all focusing on postural corrective exercises to eliminate chronic and acute conditions.


Pilates is a series of exercises designed to enhance body awareness and help correct posture and alignment. Known for its core strengthening elements Pilates is a great complement to chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments. Patients find multiple health benefits from working with our trained Pilates instructors including; improved core strength and stability, increased flexibility, and improvements related to postural dysfunction. Our sessions are built on a variety of the six principles of Pilates such as; Concentration, Control, Flow, Efficiency of Movement, Precision, and Breathing. Our dedicated Pilates instructors consider each patient’s condition and level of difficulty when tailoring sessions which incorporate both mat and reformer work.


Qigong (pronounced “chee-gung”) is translated from Chinese to mean “energy cultivation” or “working with the life energy.” Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body’s qi which, according to traditional Chinese philosophy is the fundamental energy responsible for health and vitality. Qigong may be used as a daily routine to increase overall health and well-being, as well as for disease prevention and longevity.

Classes offered at RWC are based on the Chow Integrated Healing System which mainly focus on gentle movement and stretching. The twelve basic exercises are done in a standing position which progressively and carefully loosen up bodily structures and joints while promoting circulation of qi in the internal organs. Patients experience improved concentration, balance, coordination and relaxation when performing these exercises.

CLASS TIMES – Mondays at 10am in the gym

Service Fees

Private Personal Training / Private Pilates

60 minute
45 minute
30 minute
  • *All prices include HST (unless otherwise stated)
  • *Some services may be covered by Private Insurance, Auto Insurance or WSIB.

Quigong classes

Per Class
10 Class package
  • *All prices include HST (unless otherwise stated)
  • *Some services may be covered by Private Insurance, Auto Insurance or WSIB.

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